This Is Cosmoway

We aim to be a company that looks at the events that exist outside, senses the large and small flows that are interwoven with those events, and reacts to those flows.




Akasaka Office, 502 Ramial Akasaka, 2-8-14 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo


CEO / President Yoshiaki Naito

Chief Technology Officer / Yuki Shimizu

Chief Executive Officer / Ryuki Zoshige


September 27, 2005

Capital stock

15,000,000 yen

Number of Employees

23 (as of June 2024)

Certifications and Permits

Privacy Mark Certification 21000982

Worker dispatch business license Fata 13-309518

Information processing security support specialist Enrolled


iOS/iPadOS/Android OS native application planning, development and operation

Website production, system planning, development and operation

Research, planning, development and operation of mobile/IoT/AI systems

Medical Device Linkage Application Development

Web, DTP, video advertising promotion business

ICT English Technical Assistance Services

Technician Dispatch Service

Top Message

Representative Director, President and CEO

Yoshiaki Naito


Born in Tokyo in 1975. Graduated from Waseda University, School of Letters I and School of VISUAL ARTS (NYC). In college, he was a member of the Kendo Club of the Physical Education Department. Studied filmmaking in New York.
Wandering in New York City for 6 years. During that time, he learned programming at his job. After working as a freelancer, he founded his own company, which has survived thanks solely to the people around him. I am determined to work for our customers, employees, and future generations, keeping in mind that "I am nothing but luck.