We can provide a wide range of proposals and support using state-of-the-art technology, including measures to optimize existing systems and bring about business transformation. We help our clients seize opportunities and find solutions.

Major Case Studies

  • NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

    Since our founding in 2005, we have helped several product teams become part of the ecosystem. We are currently working with teams to create new key products.

  • NTT Communications

    With hundreds of thousands of mobile devices iPad and Android, we continue to help leading logistics companies find answers to their objectives to improve their operations. We also work closely with several different teams in corporate sales and service support to collaborate and provide solutions.

  • KITZ

    Working with the innovation team of a valve manufacturer with the No. 1 market share in Japan, we supported the construction and start-up of a system that enables DXing of manufacturing lines with no-code tools, virtualizing all databases, servers, edge computing, etc., and enabling on-site support for line expansion.

  • Tokyo Gas i-net

    We work closely with innovation teams at infrastructure companies in prototype development to improve their operations using the iPhone on a daily basis.


    We are working closely with the innovation team of a major materials company to improve their operations with Android for use in their factories scattered throughout the rest of the world.

  • The University of Tokyo

    The University of Tokyo Hospital's Health App project involved ambitious agile development to support the IoT ecosystem.

  • University of Yamanashi (Data Science)

    Over the past three years, as part of a collaborative research project with experts in systems engineering, statistics, and other fields, IoT systems to collect data on human flow in tourist destinations and presented a paper at the National Institute of Informatics on the results of our research on tourist conduction.

  • University of Yamanashi (System Development)

    For more than four years, as a member of a collaborative research team of experts in mechatronics engineering and other fields, I assisted in the product design and system development of a peach pest inspection system.

  • Yamanashi Industrial Technology Center

    For more than three years, we have been researching the development of IoT observation equipment for disaster observation with researchers of natural disaster science and other fields at the Mt.

  • JA

    For more than three years, we were in charge of consulting (research, planning, and proposals) and system development regarding the selection of drone equipment, methods of photographing grape branches, and automatic navigation with a view to operating services to improve grape cultivation efficiency, and supported grape cultivation systems using AI and point cloud data (3D ortho).


    Since 2021, he has been writing a bi-weekly column in CreatorZine, a web magazine for creators, on "Let's talk about UIUX. The series is based on the knowledge and experiences gained through the design of various products and services, and provides a unique perspective on how UIUX design can be improved and the challenges it faces.

  • ifLink Open Community

    We developed an Android application that measures body temperature and provides voice guidance by detecting the forehead using AI and the body surface temperature using the CAT S61's thermal imaging camera. The system is designed to be easily connected to external devices such as LED lights using IfLink.

  • GAKKOTOSHO Co., Ltd.

    We were involved in the strategy, design, and development of programming learning web apps and online content for elementary school textbooks for the 2020 school year, shifting the priority from books In particular, the programming learning web apps are now being used by thousands of students. In particular, the programming learning web app has been used in thousands of elementary school classrooms, and the programming of traffic lights has been made to work like the real thing.